company specialized in the sale of mobile parts

GSMobile our Company specialises in selling spares,repairing and fabrication of mobile phone accesories. At the moment we sell our products to more tan 30 countries and give multiple tecnical services in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. We pride ourselves in the service we offer that is based on a close personal contact with our clients we have multilanguage speaking personel that lets un deal with tecnical queries in 5 languages. At the moment GSMobile is much more than just a sales and repair Company. We are also fabricators of mobile accesories with the ultimate inovations that keeps us a step ahead of the rest.we are one of ten Companys with world renound Qualcomm certificate the biggest world pioneers on telecomunication semiconductors.

store specializing in the sale of mobile parts

Sales and Customers

GSMobile makes its sales with all sorts of companies in america, asia and europe with the biggest volumen of our sales is with Companys in spain, france, italy and portuguese.

We offer two main parts warehouses with more tan 100.000 parts letting us dispatch the orderes imidiately without delay.

Our sales on ebay are also a base for our products we have more than 18000 positive feedback. Giving us 100 per cent,giving us an excellent score making us a power seller.

We also get an average of 1100 visits a day to our web page a day,and we are working on making a substancial increse there to boost it by around 400 percent.

Our main aim is to get the products to our clients in the right place that is needed and the conditions required.

As in our direct sales o the sales we authorise we give a tecnical assistance to give a excepcional service and be able to avoid incidents.

Our clients:

•Media Markt








Technical Service - Services

We have available hundreds of spares that are ready calibrated and shelved ready for our in house tecnitians to have at minimal notice.

We pride ourselves in making sure our tecnitians have the right tools and spare parts ready to go at a moments notice.

Our work tables have the following brands

• Ersa,

• Weber

• Xonic

• JBC etc •

Dunlop Services - Express Repairs




Switched on




High Complexity Repair